Rival pharmacies rally for public support

On Aug. 10, the employees of Pharmasave #494 (Pharmasave Downtown) decided to participate in the upcoming Terry Fox Run scheduled for Sept. 16.
As a gesture of good will they extended the invitation to their “sister” store, Pharmasave #495 (Clinic Dispensary), in the hopes of combining funds and volunteers. A representative of Pharmasave #495, Debbie “Snail-Pace” Williamson, refused the polite request and challenged the co-workers to a fundraising competition.
What began as a friendly event has resulted in a feud; each pharmacy vows to “out-campaign” the other in a bid to raise the most money.
Pharmasave #494 is asking for the community’s support within the next three weeks in its rivalry with the lead-footed staff at Pharmasave #495.
Please stop by the downtown store and sponsor your favourite staff member (or the store) for the Terry Fox Run. Any amount of donation is greatly appreciated and receipts will be issued for donations over $10.
Meanwhile, staff pharmacists have taken sides as the battle lines have been drawn. Craig “Two-Left-Feet” Armstrong has sided with the enemy, whereas Mike “Speed Demon” McKinnon has not yet stated who he will advocate, however, it is well known which Pharmasave is his favourite.
Also, in an apparent sabotage attempt, “Marathon” Marg Saunders has reported the handle-bars missing from her bike and a fish from the wishing pond is being held for ransom.
Nevertheless, even when Pharmasave Downtown raises the greater amount, the only real winner will be the Terry Fox Foundation.
So, please, come out and support your favourite Pharmasave. Stop by the store to check out the charity meter and help us reach our goal of $3,000.
We hope to see you out on Sept. 16, too!