Rickford wants to work together on mill deal


In a statement to the Fort Frances Times on Friday, local MPP Greg Rickford indicated all parties involved in the potential sale and re-start of the Resolute mill here have to have access to all levels of government and provincial ministries.
Rickford indicated the proposed non-disclosure agreement between Resolute and Repap Resources Group, the company looking to acquire the Fort Frances paper mill, was “a non-starter.”
“I would like to get the parties into one room to create the contours of a potential agreement between the parties,” he told the Times.
“I am prepared work with the parties to create a successful outcome,” he added.
Noting his involvement with the re-opening of the Ear Falls sawmill, and the sawmill in Ignace, when he was a federal Member of Parliament, Rickford said he hoped for a similar outcome for the Fort Frances mill.
Rickford said he has positioned a point person in his office to handle the file, and that the minister of natural resources and forestry has a similar person handling the file in that ministry office.
“We are orchestrating a full team effort,” he pledged. “We are supporting the town fully and completely.
“We are prepared to do everything possible to make it [the mill in Fort Frances] happen.
“The deadline for a deal is frustrating,” added Rickford. “I would like to see an extension.”
Repap has a plan for a value-added product that does not compete with Resolute, Rickford noted.