Rickford slams gender identity resolution


The Ontario PC Party has been under fire for passing a resolution to debate the recognition of gender identity on Saturday during the party’s three-day policy convention in Toronto.
The resolution that sparked controversy was proposed by parental rights advocate Tanya Granic Allen.
It said gender identity theory is “a highly-controversial, unscientific ‘liberal ideology'” and as such, that an Ontario PC government will remove the teaching and promotion of “gender identity theory” from Ontario schools and its curriculum.
On Monday, Premier Doug Ford said the debate will not go forward while local MPP Greg Rickford said he “flatly rejects” the resolution.
“There’s absolutely no way that that reflects my personal view points on this,” Rickford told the Times during a conference call Monday afternoon.
“Secondly, I can say unequivocally this does not form any current thinking or policy for our party,” he stressed.
Earlier Monday, Education minister Lisa Thompson said the motion is non-binding and not government policy.
“It has no steam at all,” Rickford said of the resolution.
“Policy conventions are for all political parties,” he added. “This is a place where a group of people obviously felt very strongly about something and wanted to have that conversation.
“Importantly, it does not reflect our policy as a government,” Rickford said.