Rickford officially opens office here

Sam Odrowski

A grand-opening ceremony was held yesterday for local MPP Greg Rickford’s constituency office here.
The office, located at 276 Scott St., is open Tuesday to Thursday from 10 a.m.-4:30 p.m.
A handful of councillors and community members came out to support the grand opening.
“We invested a lot of time and a lot of money in setting up first-class offices,” Rickford noted.
“Look at our space,” he added. “It is right in the heart of downtown, it’s freshly-painted, it’s virtually a new building.
“Folks can come in here, take a deep breath, and feel like they’re going to get service.”
The constituency office is a location where riding residents can arrange an appointment and meet with Rickford face-to-face when he’s in town.
“When I’m available, they go into a queue so they get a chance to actually sit with me,” Rickford said.
District residents also can receive help when facing an issue with a service that usually is accessed through ServiceOntario.
“We offer information on a variety of different Ontario-based programs and services, so we compliment ServiceOntario,” Rickford explained.
Pop-up offices also will be coming to smaller towns across the riding, like Barwick, Sioux Narrows-Nestor Falls, Vermilion Bay, and Ignace, where people from those communities can access similar services.
“We meet with folks there and we listen to them, and we take on their concerns, their issues, [and] their challenges,” Rickford remarked.
He is encouraging people to stop by when he’s in the office.
“Drop in and find out we’re all about,” Rickford said. “Especially during constituency weeks.
“When I’m here, we tend to have a flex hour where folks maybe don’t want a formal meeting but just want to drop in and say hello,” he noted.
Anyone in the district is welcome to stop by, arrange an appointment, and learn about all that the office offers.
“This is for everyone, this is for the people,” Rickford smiled.