Richard Jonasson – Consensus Ontario

My name is Richard Jonasson, and I am excited to serve as the Consensus Candidate for the Kenora Rainy River District in the up coming Ontario Provincial Election.

I made my home in Dryden 41 years ago. What brought me here was the stunning nature and overwhelming sense of community. Its is an amazing place to have had the opportunity to raise my family here.

Who am I?

I have been a resident in Dryden for over 41 years. I have 4 children that were raised in Dryden. I was employed in the Dryden mill for 23 years. I own serval businesses locally and employ local labour. I believe that purchasing locally is a key for economic growth for our economy. I donate only locally as I can see that my efforts are truly helping our district. I want to be remembered for what I have done to build and support the local our region for future growth.

What riding am I running for?

Kenora-Rainy River

Why am I running?

I want to be the voice for the people.

How am I uniquely qualified to serve the needs of my riding?

I believe I am in touch with the needs and wants of our local residents. I have been involved in many local groups and with my own different businesses, I am in constant contact with the public. I am here to listen to the wants and needs of my voters. I have nothing to gain but the success and growth our of community. I have been given so many opportunities here in our region, that I feel its my time to give back. My success is measured in what I can do to help others achieve and reach their own goals. I will use my knowledge and experience to help others. The Kenora-Rainy River area is the jewel of the north.

As your Kenora Rainy River candidate, I will fight to eliminate poverty, eliminate homelessness, build more affordable housing and create decent living conditions for my constituents.

What are my top initiatives?

I want to you educate my riding about the Consensus Ontario Party and what it stands for. I want to be the independent, elected representative who answers to my constituents.

In closing I am impressed and grateful for the local response, that I am already receiving and the support offered.