Retreat aimed at young Catholics

The Net Ministries Retreat, an entertaining one-day session to challenge young Catholics to love Christ and embrace the life of the church, was held last Tuesday (Jan. 15) at Our Lady of the Way School gym.
Open to anyone in grades seven to OAC, the day featured drama presentations plus music by 11 members of the team.
Net Ministries’ retreat has a threefold purpose:
•to enhance the self-esteem of each young person through their awareness of God’s unconditional love and an acceptance of them;
•to offer the faith of the team members as a witness to the youth that faith in God is a desirable, acceptable, and exciting part of their lives; and
•to enrich the faith life of each young person by leading them to a place of desiring to make a personal faith commitment to Jesus Christ.
During the retreat, youth were given time for prayer and allowing them to make their own responses to God.
The theme for 2001-2002 is based on the World Youth Day 2002 being held in Toronto on July 22-28. Anyone aged 16-35 years may attend so call your local parish if you are interested.