Resolutions to get fit need to get past early January

New Year’s resolutions are made to get fit and lose weight every January, brining new faces to gyms everywhere—and 2008 is no exception.
The important thing, say a number of local fitness experts, is to get new members to realize that a healthier lifestyle goes beyond the first week of a hastily-made resolution.
“When they first come in in January, their motivation might be ‘Oh my God, I’ve got to lose weight, I’m so fat.’ But when you get to know them, there may be more going on there,” said Arlene Georgeson, manager of Curves for Women in Fort Frances.
“Probably the thing is that they don’t realize that it’s a lifestyle change, it’s not just a short-term thing,” she stressed. “It’s not like, ‘Oh, I want to lose 10 pounds, I lost 10 pounds, I’m going to quit now.’
“The small goals may not look like they’re getting you to the big goal, but really they are,” Georgeson added.
Jackie Lampi-Hughes, owner/instructor of Energy Fitness here, said her numbers are “skyrocketing” and just a week in, the New Year’s crunch already is in full force.
“I couldn’t even tally,” she said. “There’s just a mass amount of people coming in the door.”
Lampi-Hughes said what makes or breaks a year-long resolution is how the first three weeks go.
“Studies show it takes 21 days to make or break a habit,” she remarked. “It’s a challenge for me to try and keep everyone motivated.”
Motivating the wide variety of people who frequent Energy Fitness can be difficult. Ninety percent of all people who join a gym do so to lose weight, Lampi-Hughes noted, but how they want to exercise, how often, and how long varies from person to person.
“They have to find their little niche of what they enjoy and then they stick with it,” she said. “The hardest thing with the workout is getting to the gym.
“You get to the gym, you’re fine.”
Exercise is key to a healthy lifestyle, but diet is just as important, Georgeson said. That means eating good food and eating enough, which can be psychologically hard for some people looking to shed pounds and inches.
“We want to keep them healthier in life, regardless of the number on the scale,” she stressed.
Georgeson added even if you’re not committing to a gym or a radical lifestyle change, there’s plenty people can do to pursue a resolution to get healthier this year.
“Whenever you can, get out and do something,” she said. “I don’t care what it is. If you have the time, if it’s 10 minutes in a day, you need to stay active.
“Exercise has so many benefits,” she continued. “You’ve gotta look after you. If you’re not any good, you’re not any good to anyone else.”
Lampi-Hughes agreed.
“There’s so many little ways you can sneak exercises into your daily routine,” she said, like stretching while drying your hair or walking with a coffee during breaks at work, to just finding things to do to stay active.
The best thing for anyone to do to get in better shape in the new year is spend more time walking—something anyone can do at any time for free.
“When you get up every day, walk away from your house for 10 minutes,” Lampi-Hughes said. “If you’re absolutely not enjoying it, go home. At least you got your 20 minutes in.”
And if nothing else, stay motivated.
“If you think you can, you can. And that’s the quote I live by,” Lampi-Hughes said.