Residents urged to be informed voters

Press Release

This provincial election, the Northwestern Health Unit is encouraging local residents to learn about and discuss public health issues that affect our communities.
The health unit has launched a campaign promoting people to “Get Informed, Be Heard, and Vote.”
It aims to help the public make an informed decision at the ballot box by researching and asking questions about topics important to them.
“We hope that people make an informed decision on who to vote for based on which political party platform best represents their views on issues that are meaningful to them,” said Dr. Kit Young-Hoon, medical officer of health at the Northwestern Health Unit.
Using local data and needs, the campaign materials focus on policy priorities such as adult oral health, alcohol use, smoke-free spaces, and income/poverty.
“By supporting healthy public policy, provincially-elected officials can make a difference in the health of residents,” Dr. Young-Hoon noted.
“These changes at the government level can modify socio-economic, cultural, and environmental conditions in ways that reduce health inequities and support healthy individual behaviours,” she added.
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