Resident fuming over decoration thieves

While this time of year often is believed to be a season for love and goodwill to all, one or more Grinches have been busy stealing Christmas from one local homeowner.
On Tuesday night, a west-end resident who had been out since about 6:30 p.m. returned home at 9:45 p.m. to discover her festive decorations had been swiped from her yard.
Among the stolen items were a full-size spiral Christmas tree, a 48-inch tall crystal angel, several bows off lamp posts in the driveway, and even an extension cord.
“I was really upset. I was angry,” remarked the resident Thursday, who asked to remain anonymous. “Yesterday [Wednesday], I was so upset I couldn’t get anything done.
“The angel was really important to me this year.
“The crystal angel—I’d just put it out. I’d just bought it,” she sighed, adding she hadn’t even had the chance to see it lit up at night.
“When something like this happens, it’s a violation. It’s an awful feeling,” she added. “I’ve been putting out decorations for I don’t know how any years.
“I try to make my grounds look nice this year, and this is what they do.”
The homeowner reported the theft to police and is hopeful justice will be done. But in the meantime, she’s hoping her story alerts others so they don’t find themselves victims.
“My advice to people would be to keep your lights on, and keep your stuff close to your house where can see it,” she remarked.
“[And] think twice about what you’re putting out there,” she added. “If it’s valuable, realize that it could very well disappear.”
Fort Frances OPP Cst. Caroline Spencer confirmed the theft was reported, but added police haven’t received any other reports of such activity so far.
“Maybe it’s happening and people aren’t reporting it,” she noted.
Cst. Spencer also stressed stealing Christmas decorations is no joke and is treated by police like any other theft.
(Fort Frances Daily Bulletin)