Resident care is improving at Rainycrest

The quality of resident care has improved at Rainycrest Home for the Aged over the last several months, and a new administrator has been hired.
That was some of the information presented to the home’s board of management and district municipal leaders at a closed-door meeting with the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care here Thursday.
“It was an update on the current status of admissions, an update on compliance issues that are getting better,” Fort Frances Mayor Dan Onichuk, who also chairs the board of management, said Friday morning.
The ministry successfully has focused its efforts identifying and minimizing risk in the home in order to improve resident safety, explained Atikokan Mayor Dennis Brown, who is the board’s vice-chair.
Since the suspension on admissions was lifted in September, Rainycrest is now back up to maximum capacity of 145 residents.
Riverside Health Care Facilities, Inc., which had been appointed interim manager of Rainycrest by the ministry back in March, had decided to use a gradual admission process in filling the vacant beds so as not to overwhelm staff there.
On March 19, 2006, the home will revert to municipal control and district leaders will have to decide how to proceed.
“We, as municipalities, have to sort out what we want to do into the future,” said Mayor Onichuk. “And it really all revolves around the right to tax.
“Right now, the municipalities put $1.3 million into the home annually out of property taxes,” he noted. “If costs can be reduced, more efficiencies can be found, it will make it a lot easier transition should we decide to do something different than maintaining municipal control.”
Before assuming control of Rainycrest back in March, the ministry had put out a call for management proposals.
Both Riverside and the Rainy River District Social Services Administration Board, as well as Extendicare, a private health care company, submitted proposals for running the home.
After examining the three proposals, the Rainycrest board recommended the one from the local DSSAB.
But rather than select one of the proposals, the ministry decided to temporarily take control of the home and appoint Riverside as interim administrator.
The new administrator, who was hired by the ministry, is slated to start Dec. 1. Her name has not been released.