Report on homeless numbers completed

Press Release

The Rainy River District Social Services Administration Board, in partnership with more than 40 service agencies across the district, conducted a count of homelessness over two weeks from April 5-18.
This count was part of a province-wide effort to gain a better understanding of homelessness in communities across Ontario.
Results from the enumeration have been compiled over the course of several months and we are happy to share with the public “Putting the Spotlight on Homelessness–Rainy River District Enumeration 2018 Report.”
It includes results and interpretation from the enumeration. All data from this report comes from self-reported individuals who have experienced homelessness in Fort Frances and Atikokan at the time of enumeration.
The intent of this report is to provide the public with the result in an effort to understand the homelessness issues and data within our community.
It brings to light that 111 individuals were identified as experiencing homelessness (82 identified in Fort Frances and 29 identified in Atikokan).
Overall, the numbers suggest 1.05 percent of Fort Frances’ population is experiencing some degree of homelessness.
Atikokan may have lower numbers but also is seeing that 1.05 percent of its population is experiencing homelessness.
The demographics in Fort Frances show the largest age group of those experiencing homelessness are 30-39, and females are more strongly represented in most age ranges.
Hidden homelessness was, as expected, the most prevalent form in Fort Frances. This is among the least understood forms of homelessness as it is very difficult to capture.
By the very nature of it, it is not visible.
“This does not mean, of course, that individuals experiencing this form of homelessness are any less vulnerable to the realities of any form of homelessness,” said Sandra Weir, Integrated Services Manager for the local DSSAB.
“The homelessness report is our first step in understanding homelessness within our district,” she added.
“We are hoping with the data gathered, we will be able to develop and advocate for services and gaps in our community as we work towards ensuring everyone has safe, affordable housing throughout the district.”
Anyone wishing to review this report is urged to visit or call 274-5349 to learn more.