Repair work to start on causeway

The Ministry of Transportation is poised to start rehabilitation work on the Noden Causeway here—work that may end up being the start of a project lasting for several years.
“The Ministry of Transportation plans to advertise a construction contract
within the next month for rehabilitation of the deck surface with precast
concrete panels and some substructure work,” MTO regional director Larry Lambert noted Friday.
“In the meantime, further site investigations are planned to
determine the scope of work required for rehabilitation of the pile
foundations on the causeway,” he added.
“Once recommendations have been made on the extent of work required, construction cost estimates will be finalized.
Depending on the extent of work required on the pile foundations,
Lambert said the rehabilitation work could extend over several years.
He also noted the work may affect traffic flow at times.
“Most highway structure work can be done with single lane closures using traffic control flag persons and/or traffic signals,” said Lambert.
“[But] it is possible that some short-term closures of Highway 11 may be required,” he warned.