Repair program helps families

The Northern Home Repair Program, under the northern component of the Canada-Ontario Affordable Housing Program, has helped 35 local families make urgently-needed home repairs.
The program, launched last June, assists homeowners that otherwise couldn’t afford to repair home health and safety problems, or to make home modifications to make them accessible to household members with disabilities.
The costs of the program are shared between the provincial and federal governments.
As of Dec. 31, a total of 335 applications were provided to homeowners in Thunder Bay District.
“There is definitely a great deal of interest in the program,” said Iain Angus, chair of the Thunder Bay District Social Services Administrative Board.
“The program’s target is to assist 250 homeowners with an average of $20,000 per home by March 31, 2010,” he noted.
“Staff will be networking with community agencies and groups to promote the program to seniors and families who may need accessibility and mobility modifications or address health and safety issues in their home.
“Homeowners who’ve had repairs completed to their homes are very grateful and appreciate the government’s commitment to affordable housing programs,” Angus added.
“The benefits from this program cut down our energy costs immediately. It has helped beautify and add value to the neighbourhood,” said Walter Domagalski, one of the first local residents to access the program.
“The work we had completed to our home has stopped the structure deterioration and extended the lifespan of the house.”
Local contractors have been supportive of the program and are responding to homeowner requests for estimates and potential work.
“The work completed on my home was excellent,” said Shuniah Township resident Paul MacNab. “We are very happy with the contractor we chose and the work was done in a timely fashion.
“The house is a lot warmer and we’re confident that when spring arrives, our water will be safe to drink.”
For more information on the program criteria or details on how you can apply, visit or call 1-807-766-2111 ext. 4070 or ext. 2104.
If your community group or agency would like a presentation or more information on the Northern Home Repair Program, call the office to arrange a meeting.