Relocate arena handicapped parking spaces: advocate


A local resident advocating on behalf of handicapped users of the Memorial Sports Centre is asking the town to move handicapped parking spaces from the designated area on Gillon Street, just east of the main doors, to the main parking lot directly across from the entrance.
In a letter received by council Monday night, John Steinke said handicapped patrons are grateful for the mechanical entrance doors and elevators which allows them to enjoy the benefits the centre offers.
But he noted the eight parking stalls allotted to handicapped patrons don’t fit their needs.
“If we use our wheelchairs or walkers, we are unable to get to the entrance of the arena without much difficulty,” Steinke wrote.
“For about half the year, the ice humps out and snow is impassable.
“Next, we cannot manage to jump the snowbank to a poorly-snowplowed sidewalk, so we drag ourselves with a caregiver to the street.
“It is unsafe but we manage to get to the arena entrance, where there is a ramp or incline to get up onto the well-maintained sidewalk,” Steinke added.
“We suggest that [the town] consider moving the eight parking signs for the handicapped to the regular parking lot, directly across from the arena entrance.
“Please make them head to head so we have easy, close proximity to the sidewalk crossing curb ramp,” Steinke continued.
“It is obvious that the parking lot is well-maintained so we can use our wheels in the winter.
“It is closer by far, and much safer to cross the street than wheel down a block of well-travelled roadway.”
Council referred the letter to the Community Services executive committee for its recommendation.