Registration opens for Science North’s Fort Frances Summer Camps

By Ken Kellar
Staff writer

If you’re looking to get your kids into something active and educational this summer, Science North is looking to help you out.

The Sudbury-based organization announced on Monday, March 4, 2024, that registration is now open for their annual Summer Science Camp programming, scheduled to run throughout northwestern Ontario this summer. The camps will be coming to Fort Frances in July and early August, offering three weeks of activities that will help bloom a love for science in your child.

“Since 1987, Science North has offered fun, unique, and educational summer science camp experiences to over 30,000 children ages 4–14 across Ontario!” Science North said in a press release.

“This year is no different as Science North embarks into a new season packed with fun, discovery, and new friendships that will sparkle for years to come.”

The organization said the week-long camps will offer engaging activities and workshops that will help to spark natural curiosity, while simultaneously inspiring a love for science. Each week will offer a different themed camp, with themes ranging from nature to animal adventures to technology and more, helping to ensure that there’s something on offer for every type of curious kid.

This year, several different camps will be offered for local children concurrently throughout the month of July and into August, with the type of program on offer each week depending on the age range of the camp itself. Each camp runs from Monday to Friday, from 9:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m.

During the week of July 15 – 19, children aged 4 and 5 will be able to take part in Nature Quest, where children with a passion for the outdoors will get to explore and discover the wonders of nature and what it has to offer them. The weeklong activities will help campers investigate what role nature plays in the environment, including bugs, animals and their habitats.

That same week, older children aged 6 to 8 will get to participate in the Eco Explorers camp, which will allow campers to delve into the wonders of the planet.

“Each day brings a new adventure, from understanding Earth’s ecosystems and the importance of recycling, composting, and gardening, to discovering the science behind natural disasters and learning ways to clean up and protect our environment,” reads the program description from Science North.

“With interactive experiments, outdoor explorations, and engaging lessons, this camp will empower young minds to become stewards of our environment.”

Older children between the ages of 9 and 11 will be Earth Ambassadors in their first week of camp offerings, where campers will explore diverse biomes like the jungle, ocean and deserts, along with their own backyards to learn about the species within each ecosystem. The camp will allow for engaging lessons along with hands-on activities to learn more about animal adaptations, and local solutions to biodiversity loss.

The second week of camp programming, running from July 22 to 26 will offer a second run of the previous week’s programs, allowing for those who missed out on the first round of activities a chance of take it all in, or for those who just couldn’t get enough of their first week to enjoy more.

The final week of programming, running from July 29 to August 2, will once again offer the Nature Quest camp for young children, but two different camps for older age groups. Those aged 6 to 8 will get to take part in Science Quest, a week pf programming that Science North says will foster a sense of wonder and curiosity in young scientists.

“Through interactive play and scientific exploration, campers will embark on a journey, laying the foundation for a lifelong love of learning,” they state.

“Get ready for a week filled with laughter, creativity, and the joy of scientific exploration! Throughout the week, our young adventurers will embark on a quest of exploration, uncovering the marvels of Energy, experiencing playful side of Physics, merging science with fairytales, discovering reactions in our daily lives, and understanding the intriguing science of the human body.”

Children aged 9 to 11 will participate in the Science in Action camp for their final week, a program that explore kitchen chemistry, music and art, transportation innovations and the marvels of the human body, helping those budding young scientists to uncover all the fascinating science behind everyday activities.

Each weeklong camp costs $258.75 for the general public, with a special rate available to Science North members, as well as a sibling discount for families with more than one camper. Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis, with a minimum registration of four campers required for each camp to run. Parents will also be required to show photo I.D. when picking up their child from each day of camp.

For more information about these exciting science summer camps on offer from Science North, contact the organization at or by calling 1-800-461-4898 ext. 338. To register for the camps, visit the Science North website at