Reeves hope to see more candidates this fall

Emo Reeve Russ Fortier isn’t sure yet whether he will run again in the municipal election coming up in November, but he hopes many others will show some interest.
“At the last election, we all got acclaimed,” he said, referring to the position of reeve and the four councillors in Emo. “I’m hoping more people will put their names forth.
“I’m looking forward to an interesting election.”
Several other reeves in the district agreed.
“I’ve talked to a number of people who said they are interested,” noted La Vallee Reeve Emily Watson, who is planning to run again this fall. “I’m going to encourage them to make their application.”
“I hope to see some new faces,” echoed Chapple Reeve Bill Clink. “It’s always better to have new people out.”
Alberton Reeve Mike Hammond would like to have a new “roster” this coming term, too.
“It would be great to get more people interested in running for council,” he remarked, though acknowledging he hasn’t decided yet whether he’ll let his name stand for another term.
“It’s basically a volunteer position and with our fast-paced lives, it’s hard to find time to fit it in,” he said. “But new ideas are better than none.”
2005 seemed a pretty quiet year for most municipalities in the district.
“We had our centennial the previous year, so we had been quite busy in 2003 and 2004 planning for that,” Reeve Watson noted. “So we kind of took a break in 2005.”
Reeves Hammond and Clink both indicated there were no unexpected problems or expenditures in 2005 for their respective municipalities.
“It went pretty smooth,” noted Reeve Clink. “Lots of activity with logging and the [OSB] mill going strong.” “[Alberton] seems to be in good shape,” added Hammond.
Reeve Fortier noted 2005 was a “bad news” year for all of Northwestern Ontario given the crisis in the forestry industry.
“But we moved ahead with our sportsfield project and completed the curling rink renovations,” he added. “There was also nearly 20 building permits for 2005, so there was lots going on.”
Emo also finished upgrades to its water treatment plant last year to meet new regulations.
“In 2006, we will be focusing on the energy policy and the forestry crisis,” Reeve Fortier noted, along with completing work on the sportsfield and supporting Fort Frances and International Falls with the sale of the international bridge here.
“We must also look at the need of value-added products, getting started on the abattoir, and developing new businesses here,” he added.
“I’m very optimistic about the new year.”
Neither La Vallee nor Chapple have any huge projects planned for 2006.
“We’re just going to continue with what we’ve been doing,” Reeve Watson noted. “We’ll do the best we can for our taxpayers.”
“We’ll be keeping our municipality open for people to move in and continue to try to attract new businesses,” echoed Reeve Clink.
Alberton’s major plan for 2006 is to put another layer of gravel on the hard-surfaced roads. Reeve Hammond noted three layers will be put on the roads over the next few years.
“We did 5.2 km last year and we’ll do 7.2 km this year,” he said. “Our roads are our focus out here.”