Red Gut Bay site cleaned up

A scene conservation officer Mike Veniot referred to as the worst mess he has seen in Fort Frances is cleaned up and suitable for public use once more.
“They cleaned it up on Thursday,” Veniot said of the Red Gut Bay campsite.
Following last week’s Times article detailing the mess, Veniot received several phone calls regarding those who may be involved. With the help of the OPP’s marine unit and the public, Veniot was able to track down those responsible for what happened to the campsite.
“They were young people from the high school,” Veniot learned through his investigation.
All in all, 19 bags of garbage were pulled from the site-18 by the students who returned to clean it up and one filled by three community members and Veniot on Friday following the major clean up.
“That’s what I wanted in the end,” said Veniot of the now clean site. Though fines could have been issued, the MNR’s ultimate goal was for the site to be returned to its proper state by those who defaced it.
“I’m very pleased that it got cleaned up,” he enthused though, “it should have never been like that in the first place.”
And as the condition of the site may have indicated, Veniot has learned that, “apparently it was a wild time up there.”
Not only did the site end up a mess, but so did some of the high school students in attendance at the party.
According to Veniot, one teen got alcohol poisoning, stopped breathing and was clinically dead before being resuscitated at the site.
“I talked to a couple of people that were involved there,” the officer said of what he learned. “I got some names.”
When Veniot tracked down those responsible, he said many were surprised to be identified.
“They were a little bit shocked. They’re almost like deer in the headlights,” he continued.
In the future, expect to see conservation officers performing spot checks on these public use, Crown land sites.
Veniot warned next summer the Ministry of Natural Resources will be keeping an eye out to make sure this does not happen again.