Readers weigh in on bridge toll increases


We asked and you’ve been answering. We asked in our weekly web poll if the rise in toll rates will have an impact on you’re travel habits. The majority so far – 61 per cent – said they see themselves crossing less as a result. We offered a write-in option, where readers can share their thoughts. The response has been so strong, we’ve decided to leave the question up for another week. To weigh in, go to to do the poll, or send us an e-mail at to be printed in the paper.

Here’s a selection of our latest responses to the poll:

I think it’s absolutely crazy I cross every day due to work and yes it will definitely impact the cost of cross border workers that are already struggling to put food on the table and other costs I think cross border workers shouldn’t have to pay as much as everyone else who are just going over for leisure.

As few as possible. It will hurt business on that side and help Amazon (again).

Will no longer be crossing.

A lot less!!

I think if they should be doing that, at least have 60 crossing for $90 not 12 crossing, 12 crossing for $90 is a total rip off. I am not very happy with this.

My wife works over so it won’t affect her travel much, but I’ll be combining trips and will likely walk the bridge and meet her over there when that is an option…

It’s most outrageous to increase toll fees, this is a major border crossing, could be considered major highway; this decision has not considered individuals who cross on a daily basis to go to work, students who go to college in I Falls living on a student income, families with children in extracurricular activities in I Falls. This list could go on, it’s an unacceptable greedy, money grabbing decision!

The bridge has been paid for 100’s of times by the local residents on both sides of the border – enough!

I am done with this money grab. If they want to repair their purchase then go ahead but not on my back. No more cash from me. Put your issues in a place where the sun does not shine.

This is an impossible situation for those of us who cross often. The reasoning is that these prices are in line with prices elsewhere. Maybe, but those prices are charged in areas with higher salaries. These are relatively poor communities and no one can afford rbks [sic].

I think it’s outrageous to triple the toll for bridge crossing!! The impact on the local people will be substantial!! Price gouging like this is appalling!! A slight increase could be understandable but to triple the toll only hurts the local population, many have family on both sides of the border!!!