I’ve enjoyed the challenge of representing Alberton-La Vallee as a trustee for eight years. I’ve lived in the district most of my life, attending schools in Burriss, Devlin, and Fort Frances.
For the past 30 years, I’ve operated a commercial bait fishing business (which I just sold) while also logging and working as a forestry consultant. My post-secondary education in forestry has led to volunteering with several fishery, forestry, environmental, and resource management groups.
When I first became a trustee, my children still were in high school and my goals were as follows: shorter bus rides, transparent board governance, hands-on learning choices, and keeping rural schools open.
I’m proud to say we have accomplished a lot in these four areas even though there is less funding due to declining enrolment.
I have learned a great deal, especially about how to work with government. We were pressured to close Crossroads and Sturgeon Creek, but won the fight to keep them open. We have expanded and modernized Donald Young and now are upgrading Rainy River and Atikokan schools, with day-care at all three sites.
Logical decision-making requires absorbing a constant flow of information. I’m regularly reading reams of materials as supplied by board administration and the Ministry of Education, as well as gathering information directly from people within the school community.
I’ve served on most board committees (finance, policy, transportation, parent involvement, special education, etc.) I’m also an advocate for experiential, outdoor, co-operative,and apprenticeship learning programs.
We need opportunities for all students, not just for those who are academically-driven.
I am committed to do the best job possible for the benefit of all our students. I have the work ethic, time, and experience.
Please consider voting for me to continue working as the trustee representing Alberton-La Vallee.