Rainycrest to form new committee

Those with loved ones residing at Rainycrest Home for the Aged are encouraged to find out more about the Family and Friends Advisory Council now being struck there.
“It’s a brand new thing,” said Mandy Wilson, activation co-ordinator at Rainycrest.
“It’s like a school council. You bring people together to improve the lives of residents and act in their best interests,” she added.
“We have a resident council, but they’re not always as active as they could be,” she noted. “This isn’t meaning to replace the resident council, but work with it to plan activities for, and address the concerns of, the residents.”^Wilson noted similar councils are being formed all across Ontario—and Rainycrest is keen on keeping up with the trend.
An information night as held Monday at Rainycrest and it attracted a decent turnout, said Wilson, adding about 10 friends and family members of residents have indicated serious interest in the new council.
But more people are always welcome to get involved.
And once they do, more details— such as the frequency of meetings and whether they’ll have a consistent day and time—will be determined once there’s a clear consensus among council members themselves.
Wilson noted those who missed the information session, but still are interested, can come out to the inaugural advisory council meeting slated for Monday, Sept. 15 at 7 p.m. at Rainycrest.
For more information, call Wilson at 274-9858 ext. 234.