Rainycrest Auxiliary buys new furniture

Duane Hicks

Christmas came early to Rainycrest residents last week but Santa is not the one who brought presents this time.
New couches, lounge chairs and tables, and wingback chairs for the entrance seating area, and well as new tables and chairs for the Mill Square area of the long-term care facility, which were purchased by the Rainycrest Auxiliary and picked out by the Rainycrest Resident Council with participation from all residents, were delivered there Thursday.
The nearly $43,000 in Global Furniture–a durable line of products made especially for long-term care homes–was purchased through Lowerys. for example, the chairs are no-slip and weighted so residents won’t fall over in them.
“We’re really excited to have this new furniture here,” Rainycrest Auxiliary president June Caul told the Times as residents enjoyed a Christmas party while Jackie and Gerry Guimond played some holiday tunes in the background.
“The auxiliary always gets excited when there’s something we can do for the residents,” she noted.
“This new furniture is comfortable and it will wear well,” Caul added. “And with the new tables, you can seat wheelchairs around them much more easily.”
The Rainycrest Auxiliary has made several purchases over the last few months, including new lifts and beds, with this furniture being just the latest.
“We’re happy. It’s nice to have this just before Christmas,” Caul remarked.
Auxiliary vice-president Diane Maxey said the furniture is a perfect example of how supporting the auxiliary benefits the residents.
“We get so much support from the public in donations that this is just one of the issues we’re able to take care of,” she noted.
“The furniture is so cozy,” Maxey enthused. “I like the look of it, especially with the tree right now and everything.
“It’s perfect for Christmas.”
Maxey said the new furniture in the front lounge area also provides more seating than what was there previously, creating a form of “conversation pit” near the entrance.
“It think it’s nice,” said Rainycrest resident Verenia Zucchiatti. “Everybody says [the furniture] is comfortable.”
“I think everybody likes something new once in a while,” echoed Rainycrest activity worker Levi Morris.
“The colours are great. They’re firm and very comfortable,” he added. “It spruces the whole place up.
“I have nothing bad to say about it.”
Morris noted the old furniture wasn’t so bad “but upgrades are always nice.”
“The decor was little outdated, the patterning, the colour,” he conceded. “Now it looks clean and new and nice.
“It’s really great.”
Caul explained the public supports the auxiliary through everything from bake sales to in memoriam donations.
“We’ve been very blessed, for sure, with in memoriam donations,” she noted.
“We always make sure we use the money the best way we can to recognize the person who’s donated the money and do something really worthwhile with it.”
“We also get donations from people who just want to donate for the sake of donating,” noted Maxey. “I just got one yesterday.”
Caul said volunteering with the Rainycrest Auxiliary is the best way she can help in her community.
“I love being here. I love spending time with the residents,” she enthused.
“They so appreciate every little thing you do for them. It just warms your heart,” Caul added.
“I can’t see myself ever not doing this because I enjoy it so much.”
“And with the administration changing as it has over the years, it seems to get better and better all of the time,” said Maxey.
“It’s such an improvement over what it was 20 years ago,” she noted. “Everything is bright and cheery and people are mingling.
“You have music, it’s decorated. It’s comfy.”
Caul stressed the auxiliary always keeps in mind that Rainycrest is the residents’ home.
“It’s not a place where they’re coming and going, like the hospital,” she remarked.
“It’s their home and they have to be treated that way and made to feel as comfortable as possible.”