Rainycrest admissions suspension update

Press Release

At Riverside Health Care, we are dedicated to the residents and families of Rainycrest Long-Term Care Home.
We are committed to providing excellent quality care in a safe and healthy environment, with the well-being of our residents a continued focus and priority.
On Feb. 15, the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care closed Rainycrest to admissions due to a number of repeated non-compliance issues.
We have been working diligently to address the areas needing improvement for both our residents and our staff at Rainycrest.
A Resident Quality Inspection was completed by an external agency that we engaged to assist us in identifying areas for improvement, and the resulting report brought forward a number of recommendations.
These are being incorporated into an action plan to the ministry to further improve operation and create positive sustainable changes within the home moving forward.
A recent re-inspection of Rainycrest noted significant improvements as well as some additional opportunities, and we currently are awaiting the final report from the ministry.
In light of this, we want to acknowledge and thank our dedicated staff and leadership teams for their tireless work and committed focus in addressing these issues under such short time lines.
We are aware of the stress that being closed to admissions at Rainycrest has placed on our residents, families, our staff, as well as the entire community.
Opening Rainycrest to admissions and rectifying all areas of non-compliance is our goal. We are confident that we will continue to improve our status and future stability.
We are anticipating a positive final report from the ministry soon.
Thank you for your ongoing understanding and support.