Rainy Lake outflow set

The International Joint Commission has issued a supplementary order for emergency regulation of the level of Rainy Lake and other boundary waters in the Rainy Lake watershed, effective Feb. 27, in light of the severe drought conditions that have persisted for the past eight months and which may continue this spring.
The supplementary order authorizes the IJC’s International Rainy Lake Board of Control to set Rainy Lake’s outflow into the Rainy River as low as 65 cubic metres per second (2,300 cubic feet per second) whenever the level of Rainy Lake is below its lower rule curve or below elevation 336.8 metres (1,105 feet), whichever is higher, up to June 30 or such earlier date as the IJC might determine.
The IRLBC recommended the IJC grant this authority in order to conserve water—should drought conditions persist in the Rainy Lake basin in the coming months—for a variety of purposes, including fish spawning and municipal water supplies.
The IJC was established under the Boundary Waters Treaty of 1909 to help the United States and Canada prevent and resolve disputes over the use of their shared waters.
Additional responsibilities to adopt measures of control with respect to the dams at International Falls-Fort Frances and Kettle Falls were given to the IJC by the 1938 Rainy Lake Convention.