Rainy Lake may crest tomorrow

Rainy Lake continued to rise over the weekend, reaching 338.227 m (1,109.67 ft) Monday morning. But with no rain in the forecast, the lake level is expected to crest soon.
“I would say for sure this week,” noted Raimo Tyrvainen, energy and utilities co-ordinator for Abitibi-Consolidated here.
Namakan Lake, which usually indicates upcoming fluctuations on Rainy Lake, has crested and is now dropping, with a water level decrease of 2.5 cm (0.98 inches) overnight.
Although it is still rising, Rainy Lake only rose by 0.4 cm (.16 inches) Sunday night. And the difference between its in-flow and out-flow levels has decreased significantly.
The average in-flow is now at 1,197 cu. m/s while out-flow was measured at 1,078.34 cu. m/s Monday morning.
“There’s a wee bit of a shortfall but some of that may be evaporating off the lake,” said Tyrvainen.
Rainy Lake currently is at its highest since 1968 when it peaked at about 338.37 m (1,110.14 ft) in mid to late July.