Rainy Lake levels beginning to drop


Rainy Lake has crested, and has begun to fall.

According to H2O Power, the lake has fallen to 339.291 m from a peak of 339.304 m on June 10. Outflows now exceed inflows, with 1456.6 m3/s exiting the lake, and 1423.8 m3/s entering.

Although it’s welcome news for the region, the National Weather Service in Duluth, MN takes a cautionary tone.

“With inflow very close to outflow, the lake remains vulnerable to rising again should heavy rainfall occur across the region,” it stated in its Monday report.

The Rainy Lake Property Association in Minnesota also cautions residents that high winds in the forecast can also cause damage.

“Folks from 2014 will recall winds that caused much damage as flood waters receded,” they stated on Facebook. “So be sure things are buttoned down if you will be exposed to these winds over the coming week.”

The MNR is requesting that boaters be mindful of their wakes, to keep flood-battered shorelines from eroding, and keep the integrity of sandbag dikes intact.