Rain washes out reunion kayak excursion

Heavy rain cut the FFHS Millennium Reunion kayaking excursion short Friday morning but it still gave those on hand a chance to reminisce about high school and life in Fort Frances.
Sue Clark, who graduated with the Class of ’70 and is now living and working in Thunder Bay as a teacher, said so many things are the same and yet different at the same time.
“Sometimes things aren’t where they used to be or they just don’t exist any more,” Clark noted. “I went to pay a visit to the cemetery and before you used to be able to cut down this road and now you have to drive all the way around McDonald’s.
“It is also awkward when you see people you know and you want to ask them how their parents are but you think twice about it because maybe their parents aren’t around any more,” she added.
Laurie Holliday of Fort Frances, Susan Gushulak of Texas, and Lorrie Medhurst of British Columbia all graduated in the Class of ’79, have been friends since high school, and were all excited to see each other again.
“My husband and I had a blast. We saw a lot of people [Thursday] night at registration,” said Medhurst.
Paul Overholt, who is attending the reunion because his wife graduated from Fort Frances High School, said it had a good turnout.
“There is a lot to do like boating and eating doughnuts–but not necessarily in that order,” joked Overholt, while sheltering himself along with the 12 other participants from the rain.
Terry Stinson of Fort Frances (Class of ’66) said the kayaking was great–at least, what little time they had on the water.
“It was good to see people again,” he noted. “It is taking a while to see everyone. What is neat about this is when you find out your kids hang out with your high school buddies’ kids.”
Stinson, along with many of the other participants who were at Rainy Lake Boatworks (which staged the paddle on Sand Bay), hoped to see everyone from their graduating class over the course of the weekend.
Caren and Eric Fagerdahl, owners of Rainy River Boatworks, were pleased with the turnout and hoped the reunion participants enjoyed themselves.
Kayaking wasn’t the only casualty from Friday morning’s storm. The Millennium Reunion golf tournament out at Kitchen Creek also was washed out after a few holes.