Public meeting slated on Sunny Cove’s future

Duane Hicks

A public meeting tentatively has been scheduled for Tuesday, Oct. 6 at the Civic Centre to inform residents about a partnership between the town and local Kiwanis Club regarding the use of Sunny Cove Camp.
“There’s been an interest shown by the Kiwanis Club and the town that a joint agreement could be reached regarding Sunny Cove Camp,” Mayor Roy Avis noted yesterday.
“It’s only in the interest stage, in the discussion stage, and so therefore we’re having a public meeting,” he added.
The mayor said the partnership has to do with the town utilizing Sunny Cove Camp for town-run programs.
“It’s not the intent to invest a lot of tax dollars or anything, but we do run a lot of summer programs through our Community Services division,” Mayor Avis remarked.
“By running summer programs, we have the same interests as the Kiwanis Club does regarding the use of that camp.
“Therefore, we feel the two parties could get together and find a viable solution for the future of Sunny Cove Camp,” the mayor said.
Kiwanis president Angie Korzinski said yesterday the club’s membership has been getting older and dwindling in numbers as the years go on, and there is serious concern on its part about being able to run the camp anymore.
“It’s getting too hard to get volunteers to come out and help us look after it,” she explained.
More details about the Oct. 6 meeting, such as the exact time it will be held, will be confirmed in the coming weeks.