Provincial budget cuts subject of public forum

Press Release

The provincial budget of April 11, 2019, calls for significant cuts to community services throughout the province.

The Northwest Community Legal Clinic is hosting a forum where members of our local community will hear from service providers about the potential local impacts of these cuts.

“Community Legal Clinics are facing cuts,” said Trudy McCormick, executive director of the Northwest Community Legal Clinic.

“So are other community partners including the Board of Education, the Rainy River DSSAB, and our public library,” she added.

“The problem is that there is one resident, just as there is one taxpayer,” noted McCormick. “The impact of cuts will be multiplied, when several services are cut for the same resident.”

The Northwest Community Legal Clinic is urging the public to join them for a community conversation on Tuesday, June 18 at 5:30 p.m. in Council Chambers at the Fort Frances town hall.

At the forum, the public can ask questions and discuss how our community voice can be heard.

Presenters will include Caroline Goulding (Fort Frances Public Library Technology Centre), Trudy McCormick (Northwest Community Legal Clinic), Kent Kowalski (Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation), Dan McCormick (Rainy River DSSAB), and Christie Cousineau (CMHA-Fort Frances branch).