Province must implement Rae report now: Lang

Confederation College applauds the Bob Rae report, which sets a blueprint for the future of post-secondary education in Ontario and must be immediately implemented by the McGuinty government, Confederation College president Patricia Lang said Monday.
“As Rae clearly points out, we are at a critical point in the social and economic evolution of Ontario,” said Lang. “Now, it will be up to the McGuinty government to do the right thing for all Ontarians.
“Clearly, improved funding for colleges is a necessary investment in our future,” she stressed.
The Rae report confirms Ontario must produce greater numbers of highly-skilled college graduates for today’s high-tech economy.
Currently, about half of the 25- to 34-year-olds in Ontario have completed a post-secondary education—Ontario’s colleges have proposed a new completion-rate target of 70 percent.
To produce greater numbers of trained graduates, the province must make an immediate commitment to reinvest in the province’s colleges.
At the present time, Ontario colleges have the lowest per-student revenue in Canada. Provincial funding must be increased to bring Ontario colleges to at least the national average.
Lang appreciates the thorough research and widespread consultations done by former premier Rae and his expert panel.
The report includes a number of important recommendations, including the proposed creation of a higher education council.
It also said there must be clearer standards for recognizing completed university and college credits when a student transfers between post-secondary institutions.
“The Rae panel has clearly heard the message from students, employers, and our communities—we need a strong post-secondary system,” said Lang.
“The government must set a clear vision and a timeline for implementing improvements to post-secondary education,” she added.