Project delivering safe Hallowe’en

Press Release

Family & Children’s Services once again has partnered with Safe Communities Rainy River District (previously known as Rainy River Valley Safety Coalition) in the preparation and delivery of “Project Safe Hallowe’en.”
Now in its ninth year, a total of 4,000 glow sticks were ordered this year, which have been distributed to schools and pre-school programs across the district.
This year, a booth was set up for glow stick distribution at Fort Frances High School on Oct. 18, which was a P.A. Day for Rainy River District School Board principals and teachers.
Members of Safe Communities Rainy River District volunteered their time to manage the booth throughout the day, ensuring all schools would receive their glow sticks.
For other schools and pre-school programs that were not members of the Rainy River District School Board, many individuals attending the P.A. Day were willing to help in the delivery of the remaining glow sticks.
Newsletters also were distributed, with the key focus this year being encouraging parents to explore alternatives to trick-or-treating.
There are many fun alternatives, such as attending a community Hallowe’en party or even co-ordinating a special Hallowe’en event in your own neighbourhood.
There are many benefits for parents and children when attending a controlled event.
Parties often welcome the whole family, and offer Hallowe’en games and activities. There often is a healthier variety of foods—and even non-food treats.
Time and effort is put forth in these types of events, which means the removal of any tripping hazards, fire hazards, or even confinement of potentially-frightened and dangerous pets.
The atmosphere is full of good clean fun, and the candy is not likely to have been tampered with.
Most importantly, the end result is some really happy children—and parents who can rest assured regarding safety!
Glow sticks are available at the Fort Frances and Atikokan OPP detachments, as well as Tess’ Kitchen “Haunted Backyard” that will take place Oct. 31, for any child who may have not received one yet.