Progress being made on fires

Firefighters are making great progress on active fires in the region, working to establish boundaries around the remaining fires in the Nipigon and Thunder Bay districts.
They are pushing in toward the interior of the fires, extinguishing hot spots for a minimum distance of 20 metres in from the edge of the fires, or establishing fuel breaks with heavy equipment.
They also are bringing the fires to natural boundaries, such as lakes and rivers. This will help prevent any further fire spread past established boundaries.
No new fires were reported in the region yesterday, but 14 more blazes were classed as “being held” while 23 more were declared “under control” and 12 declared “out.”
This brings the number of fires still burning in the region to 164.
There are 25 active fires in Fort Frances District, all of which are located in the Quetico Provincial Park area.
The total number of fires in the region this fire season how stands at 1,700, which is more than double the annual average of 716 fires.
This means that firefighters have succeeded in putting out 1,536 fires since April 1.
Mainly cloudy skies with occasional showers are forecast for the region with below-normal temperatures, which is expected to continue with little change through tomorrow.