Program promotes breastfeeding

New mothers who want help breastfeeding have a new place to turn thanks to a joint Pharmasave and Beta Sigma Phi electric breast pump program.
The Phi Iota chapter of Beta Sigma Phi has donated two medina lactina pumps worth $1,000 each to Pharmasave to kick off the program.
“Our function in fundraising is that the proceeds are meant to benefit the children in this town and community,” said Kerri Russel, incoming president of Phi Iota chapter.
“Breastfeeding certainly benefits children since it is the healthiest option, and having these pumps hopefully will make some women breastfeed longer and make it more convenient to do so,” she added.
Money from recent fundraisers, as well as support from other Beta Sigma Phi chapters, purchased the electric pumps.
A couple of similar pumps are available at the aboriginal family resource centre, but the sorority thought it might be more effective to provide more in the community.
As well, they chose to place the pumps at Pharmasave because it was a central location and was open Saturday and Sunday.
New mothers can rent the pumps either by the day, week, or month.
“There will be a deposit on the pump because of the dollar value involved,” noted Anita Vanderaa of Pharmasave, but adding the deposit will be refunded when the pump is returned.
For sanitation reasons, new mothers will have to purchase their own kits that express the milk. With these kits, which cost $68, both breasts can be pumped at the same time.
“It makes it a lot more convenient for moms that are very busy and will free up some of their time,” Vanderaa said.
Once done with the electric pump, the kit can be turned into a manual pump.
Both Beta Sigma Phi and Pharmasave hope the electric breast pumps will encourage more mothers to look at breastfeeding as an option.
“Pharmasave is committed to promoting breastfeeding and doing something for the community,” said Vanderaa.