Prof to speak on race relations tonight


Dr. Jeff Denis, a recent Harvard graduate and now assistant professor of sociology at McMaster University in Hamilton, will be making a public presentation at 7 p.m. tonight at the Métis Hall (714 Armit Ave.)
Dr. Denis, who conducted research in Rainy River District between 2007 and 2009, will present an overview of the major findings from his Ph.D. dissertation, “Canadian Apartheid: Boundaries and Bridges in Aboriginal-White Relations.”
The dissertation examines such issues as the sources of conflict and co-operation between local aboriginal and non-aboriginal communities, and the reasons why racism and prejudice persist even amidst many inter-group “bridges,” including friendships and inter-marriages.
The presentation is intended “to give something back to local community members who contributed so much to his research and, at the same time, to seek their feedback on his findings and interpretations as he prepares to convert the dissertation into a published book.
All are welcome to attend.
For more information, call Dorothy Friesen of the local Right Relations Circle (274-0138).