Power outage caused computer problem for town

A scheduled power outage Sunday morning caused one of the three servers for the town’s computer system to fail to work yesterday, making for an inconvenience to some staff.
“We’ve got the parts on the road right now,” Administration and Finance manager Darryl Allan said this morning.
“We’ve been off-line for about a day-and-a-half. We should be up and running by this afternoon,” he added.
The lack of the server wasn’t a severe blow to the town’s computer system, noted Allan.
“It didn’t affect the customer-related business—billing, cash payment, those sorts of things,” he said. “It was internal things, like our internal e-mail, and so forth.
“There was no data loss,” Allan stressed. “It was an inconvenience to staff but as far as customers paying bills or customer accounts, those were on the other two servers and haven’t been affected at all.”
According to webopedia.com, a server is defined as a computer or device on a network that manages network resources.
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