‘Potter’ finale charms sold-out crowd

Zoey Duncan

No spells were cast but the theatre was filled with magic as the most dedicated “Harry Potter” fans attended a sold-out midnight showing of “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II” at Cine 5 over in International Falls last night.
“I feel like this is the end of my childhood right here,” Scott Walsh of Fort Frances said before the show, as his friends nodded enthusiastically around him.
“I expect wizard battles and sadness, mostly,” he added.
“But a happy sadness, the kind that comes with maturity.”
Walsh, with a lightning bolt drawn carefully over his right eyebrow, wrapped himself in a crimson-and-gold scarf and held onto a wand (“birch, 10 inches, unyielding,” the wand-maker from Diagon Alley might have told him) while he hunkered down for more than three hours with a handful of friends on the popcorn-strewn floor of the lobby before the doors opened at 12:05 a.m.
When the film finally began, fans slipped on their Potter-inspired, collector 3D glasses while they fell into Harry’s world for one last time.
The movie begins at Shell Cottage—a safehouse where Harry, Ron, and Hermione stop only long enough to make a deal with a goblin in order to find the crucial next Horcrux—and it doesn’t slow down much until the epilogue fades to black 125 minutes later.
The swift pace of the story means lovers of the series are richly-rewarded for their dedication.
Those less familiar with the books, however, occasionally may miss a reference and anyone who can’t explain what a Horcrux is will be left in the fairy dust.
From the roof of Gringotts wizard bank to the dungeons of Hogwarts School and the body-strewn battleground around the castle, fans were taken on an emotional, adrenalin-charged journey as they walked along with Harry in his final hour.