Portable to arrive at St. Michael’s today

Electricians and contractors will be racing against the clock this weekend as they work to get a portable classroom at St. Michael’s school installed before school starts this Wednesday.
The Northwest District Catholic School board has already added a used portable classroom to St. Francis school this summer and is installing a new one for St. Michael’s school.
New classrooms were acquired in response to both a slight enrollment increase expected this year as well as an effort by the board to lower class sizes.
The portable has already been refurbished and installed at St. Francis school, but the new classroom for St. Michael’s isn’t expected to be delivered until today.
“We’ve got contractors ready to work at it and electricians lined up for the weekend,” education director John Madigan said earlier this week.
“We fully expect it to be operational the first day of school.”
Madigan said the board had little control over when the portable would be delivered since they cannot get funding until the enrollment is determined in the summer, and by that time boards across the province are all vying for portables.
He remains confident that despite the last minute rush, the classrooms will be ready for the first week of school.
“It will be very tight but we expect to be ready for Wednesday,” he said.