Poll responders speak out on toll fares

We asked, and you’ve been answering. We asked you in our weekly web poll if the rise in toll fares will impact your travel habits. As of this morning, 65 per cent have indicated that they will cross less, 16 per cent will keep their travel at current levels, while 11 per cent feel inclined to cross more. Several write-in ballots were also cast. If you will be impacted by the increase in tolls, due to work obligations, family or leisure activities, we’d love to hear from you. You can join our web poll on our website at ffftimes.com, write us an e-mail about your experience or a letter to the editor at tips@fortfrances.com, or give us a call at 807-274-5373.

Here’s what our poll responders have had to say so far:

I think it’s absolutely crazy I cross every day due to work and yes it will definitely impact the cost of cross border workers that are already struggling to put food on the table and other costs. I think cross border workers shouldn’t have to pay as much as everyone else who are just going over for leisure.

Absolutely shameful gouging!

Very disappointed in this decision to roughly triple the price to cross this bridge! This will have an adverse effect on daily and weekly group participation from both sides of the border. They use the same old excuse of living in a remote area that most of us have heard all our lives, sounds like another money grab.

I will now rarely cross the border at those prices.

A complete money grab.

I work for an organization that takes clients across to the movies, looking around, special foods that we can’t get on the Canadian side so this will impact everyone.