Politicians hoping to bring all parties together on international bridge issue

Increased tolls on the Fort Frances-International Falls Bridge have been a hot topic of conversation around the District over the last few weeks since the release of the new price schedule. The Times reached out to local politicians and representatives for an article. Here’s some of what they had to say:

I think it’s pretty patently obvious that the residents of Fort Frances are quite upset with the fact that the bridge tolls have increased so suddenly and so drastically… There have been a variety of feelings, some people were quite vociferous and quite extreme in their feelings, others were more patient and rational, but overall, everybody was upset and opposed.”

Mayor Andrew Hallikas

I certainly realize the importance of that connection and being able to affordably go back and forth across the bridge…There are some pretty fundamental problems with leaving it to private corporations to manage something which is essentially in the public interest.”

MP Marcus Powlowski

We’ve watched this go viral on social media and I’ve read some very thoughtful interventions on both sides,” Rickford said. “I think they deserve to be put on the table. Typically that’s how I do my business. There’s always two if not more sides to a story and getting that out there and getting it understood is important.”

MPP Greg Rickford

Aazhogan is open to continuing conversations with all levels of government. We have already had a number of conversations at various times, and with various representatives of government. We would welcome the opportunity to continue the dialogue with everyone at the same table working towards a meaningful longterm solution for the local community”

RRFN chief Marcel Medicine-Horton

Local elected officials had this and much more to say, including suggestions that the federal government should pursue a purchase of the bridge from Aazhogan LP. For the whole story see Page A1 of the Oct. 25 edition of the Fort Frances Times available at fftimes.com or on local newsstands.