Police survey now complete

The OPP’s “Policing for Results” survey wrapped up Wednesday night, with the volunteers meeting their quota of 375 responses.
“It went very well,” lead volunteer Murray Alexander said Thursday morning.
“The volunteers were super. They did an exceptional job, exceptionally fast,” he added.
“And the people who responded to the survey actually thought about the questions, took their time. Not just answered ‘satisfied, satisfied, satisfied’ to them all,” Alexander said.
The OPP extends its thanks to all 15 volunteers involved, as well as the survey participants.
The survey, which started last month, involved phone calls to randomly-selected homes and were conducted anonymously as a scripted interview taking 10-15 minutes.
It was conducted weekdays from 7-9 p.m. and between noon and 8 p.m. on weekends to be most accommodating to residents.
The purpose of the survey was to assess the existing services and programs under the OPP here, and assist police in planning for the future of policing in the community.
The local OPP detachment won’t be privy to any of the results as they have been fed directly into a computer linked to OPP headquarters in Orillia.
But the detachment eventually will receive results, at which time they will be released to the media.
The last “Policing for Results” survey was conducted in 1999.