‘Polar Plunge’ set to go


The Voyageur Lions Club’s annual “Polar Plunge” is set to go for tomorrow (Jan. 1) and the public is urged to brave the cold and cheer on the brave souls who have come out to take a dip in Sand Bay.
The fun will start at 1 p.m. behind La Place Rendez-Vous.
Club member Bill Michl said ice conditions are “a lot better” than a week ago.
“About four or five days ago, we were worried because . . . it was open water around the dock,” he noted.
Thanks to this week’s cold snap, the lake is frozen and the ice is a good six inches deep where the hole has been drilled for participants to use.
Still, Michl stressed spectators won’t be allowed to stand on the ice, and there will be signs posted to remind them of that.
Instead, the club has permission from La Place Rendez-Vous to use its dock again, and people either can stand on it or stay warm and watch from inside the Vous.
Unlike last year, the hole in the ice will be on the south side of the dock, meaning the crowd will be facing south, as well.
Meanwhile, Michl said about 30 people have registered for tomorrow but added it’s not too late to collect pledges and go jump in the lake for a good cause.
Registration will begin at 11 a.m.
Jumpers can take the plunge on their own, or as representatives of a local group or organization.
Participating groups receive half of the net proceeds raised by member jumpers while those interested in jumping as individuals raise funds for the Voyageur Lions in order to help children.
The group that raises the most money gets an extra $300 back. There also are prizes for the top pledge-getter and best costumes.
“We’ll let anybody jump,” Michl said. “As long as they’re raising money for a charity, we won’t turn them away.
“But we might not give them a toque if all they raise is $20 or $30,” he warned, referring to the fact that instead of T-shirts, participants this year will get a “Polar Plunge” toque made by Diana’s Needle Art & Embroidery.
The club would appreciate it if “plungers” raised at least $200 before expecting a toque.
The 2014 “Polar Plunge” saw 25 jumpers raise $6,581 in all.
For more information, call Michl at 276-1334.