Point Park open to foot traffic but park and playground remain closed

As floodwaters recede and clean -up efforts continue, effective July 14, 2022, the following areas will reopen to pedestrian and vehicular traffic:

  1. Front Street (Mosher Avenue to Minnie Avenue)
  2. Front Street walking path
  3. Front Street bike path
  4. Front Street Fitness Equipment
  5. Sorting Gap Marina
  6. Point Park (open to pedestrian traffic only)
  7. Point Park Tenting Area (open to pedestrian traffic only)

To ensure the safety of the public while clean -up efforts continue to take place , the following closures (pedestrian and vehicular) remain in place:

  1. Front Street (Williams Avenue to Minnie Avenue; Mosher Avenue to Armit Avenue)
  2. Sorting Gap Playground
  3. Sorting Gap Gas Docks
  4. Lookout Tower
  5. The Hallet
  6. River Front Docks
  7. Point Park (closed to vehicular traffic only)
  8. Point Park Beaches
  9. Point Park Playground
  10. Point Park Ball Diamond
  11. Seven Oaks

We thank you for your patience and understanding. Please be assured that we will continue to monitor the situation and work to keep the public informed through 93.1 The Border and our Town of Fort Frances social media.