‘Plugged In!’ returning to the airwaves

“Plugged In!” will be back on the air Nov. 5 on Videon Channel 9 and it has a whole slew of new ideas for viewers.
The first episode will be about Remembrance Day, and will include a “streeter” segment featuring people’s thoughts on the occasion.
“We’ll be asking ‘What does a poppy mean to you,’” said “Plugged In!” host Cathy Richards.
The community news program debuted in January with a “year in review.” New episodes were put together every week until April, when a big problem arose.
“Our editors went back in April and it took so long for them to get repaired that we decided to wait until November to get started again,” noted Richards, adding the crew would have been taking the summer off anyway.
“Now we’re back at it,” she enthused.
This season will feature new segments and new personalities, a policy that remains flexible with viewer interaction. “Anyone who wants to host can do so,” noted Richards.
“We’re open to having a vast number of hosts. Since it takes time out of a person’s day, a large number of hosts is good to draw from,” she added.
Gord McBride, one of the regular contributors to “Plugged In!” last season, will be back again this season, she said.
The show also will welcome story ideas or tips of all sorts viewers want to provide, as well as any sports scores from local teams/leagues.
“We’re really looking for feedback. The first season we received plenty,” said Richards. “We’re hoping [‘Plugged In!’] will be become a household word.”
“Plugged In!” will be broadcast each Thursday at 6:30 p.m., with repeats of the week’s episode to be shown several times until the next one is aired.
Anyone who misses a show, or is unable to watch Cable 9, will be able to find taped episodes at the Fort Frances Public Library.
Anyone with requests, feedback, or an offer to host “Plugged In!” can contact Videon at 274-4036.