Plea made for crossing guards

FORT FRANCES—While town council has agreed to consider hiring crossing guards in the 2007 budget process, local resident Leslie Danielson showed to council Monday night just how much support there is for ensuring young students can safely cross King’s Highway here.
Danielson appeared before council with a petition bearing 669 signatures from local residents who also believe “the Town of Fort Frances should provide crossing guards for local elementary school children who have to cross the highway to access their school.”
“I realize that the request for crossing guards has been dealt with by the Planning and Development executive committee and the amount will be included in the 2007 budget for ‘consideration’ by council,” said Danielson.
“I wanted to speak to you tonight to make sure you have as much information as possible before a decision is made.
“I sincerely hope you decide the safety of the elementary school children in our community is a worthwhile expenditure. Thank you again,” she added.
While Danielson conceded she’s more familiar with the difficulties students can have crossing King’s Highway at Keating Avenue, she’s aware other residents also feel there should be crossing guards at Scott Street and Crowe Avenue.
And she believes the town should consider this when deciding how many crossing guards to hire during the 2007 budget process.
CAO Mark McCaig assured Danielson her request would be considered in the 2007 budget process while Coun. Roy Avis noted that costing is being to done to determine how much each crossing guard would be.
Danielson’s efforts also have drawn support from the Rainy River Valley Safety Coalition, which sent a letter to the town in favour of crossing guards.
“Ms. Leslie Danielson has brought to our attention that children are required to walk across the highway to attend school, and must do so without the aid of a crossing guard,” wrote RRVSC chair Grace Silander.
“The ages of these children vary, with many being as young as six years old,” she added. “Ms. Danielson has suggested the use of crossing guards may alleviate injuries of accidents within our community.
“This proactive approach of providing crossing guards may alleviate unnecessary injuries or accidents within our community.
“The Rainy River Valley Safety Coalition supports crossing guards for children who are required to cross the highway to attend school in the Town of Fort Frances,” Silander wrote.
(Fort Frances Times)