Playground equipment expected next month

Children should have new equipment to play on at three local parks sometime next month, certified playground inspector Paul LaFreniere said Tuesday.
LaFreniere noted equipment has been ordered for the parks at Front Street, Lillie Avenue, and Phair Avenue. While he couldn’t speculate as to exactly when it would arrive, it most likely would be here by the first week of September.
The equipment then would be installed in the following weeks.
The parks at Phair and Lillie Avenue, Front Street, and Pither’s Point Park had most or all of their equipment removed last summer after an audit done by LaFreniere determined it did not meet current safety standards. LaFreniere said the Phair Avenue park would have its equipment installed first since it was left with absolutely none after last summer’s audit.
According to the work plan approved by town council last month, Front Street will see a new composite play structure, four swings, and two picnic tables while Lillie Avenue will see a play structure, a see-saw, and two picnic tables.
At Phair Avenue, the new equipment will consist of a play structure, a see-saw, four swings, and two picnic tables.
A total $75,000 was earmarked for equipment and inspection services at the parks on Front Street, Lillie Avenue, and Phair Avenue this year.
Some $40,000 of this money is from Crime Stoppers, which was raised by the group over the past year. The remaining $35,000 is coming from the town’s capital budget.
As previously reported, council also agreed last month to include considering replacing the swing sets, teeter-totters, and slides at Pither’s Point in the 2006 budget process.