Plans afoot to revive Robbie Burns supper

Some members of the Fort Frances Highlanders Pipe Band will decide tomorrow night whether they’ll go ahead with plans to revive the “Robert Burns” supper early in the new year.
The evening, which honours the memory of the renowned Scottish poet, had been held annually here until a couple of years ago when dwindling attendance took its toll.
But a little creativity and breaking with tradition could change all that, noted band member Dr. Bruce Lidkea, including the shelving of the “gentleman only” legacy.
“If [the supper] runs, it will be a much more wonderful cultural experience with a lot more music,” he said, admitting several details still had to be worked out before the event would be confirmed.
The first Robbie Burns supper was held in 1815 and quickly became a world-wide tradition. It includes the ceremonial serving of the haggis and reciting of poetry written by Burns.