Planning almost done for 2021 Garden Tour

By Ken Kellar
Staff writer

As summer approaches and warm weather rolls across across the district, the Friends of the Fort Frances Museum are gearing up to offer the second annual Garden Tour to allow those with a green thumb to show off the results of their hard work to appreciative visitors.

Scheduled for Saturday, July 3 from 10:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. and taking COVID-19 restrictions into account, Friends member Caren Fagerdahl said planning for the now-annual event is in full swing after a successful first year in 2020, which saw dozens of groups visit a handful of gardens across town on a beautiful summer day.

“We are still organizing the event,” Fagerdahl said.

“We have our six gardeners booked. Sarah Marusyk has developed a poster. We are at this point organizing around COVID restrictions. The hope is that COVID restrictions will be lifted, therefore our schedule may have to change, so we’re being kind of fluid right now until we know what is definitely going to be in place for restrictions.”

During last year’s events, COVID restrictions meant that those participating in the tour signed up for specific start times throughout the day, and were given scheduled stops at each of the gardens, to ensure that no one location saw more people at one time than was allowed under restrictions. As the planning for this year’s event continues, Fagerdahl said the lingering restrictions will determine how many tickets will be available overall, with the Friends currently aiming for a total of 60 tickets. The current rules limit the event to no more than 10 people in a garden at any one time.

However, once tickets are acquired and group sizes are sorted, then the Garden Tour itself will function in a similar fashion, with interested parties stopping in for a socially distanced visit and tour of – what else – a lovely garden. During last year’s tours, participants were treated to an assortment of flowers, shrubs, a few vegetables, and the almost infinite ways that a garden space can be arranged, from simple raised beds to elaborately landscaped yards that would make anyone with a passing interest in gardening (or maybe a small backyard) green with envy.

Tickets this year will be available beginning on Monday, June 16 at Lowey’s Greenhouse and Market Garden, and the Friends are also planning on selling tickets during the Thursday Market at the Rainy Lake Square.

Look for more information about the Friends of the Museum 2021 Garden Tour in a future issue of the Fort Frances Times.