Planning afoot for Christmas parade


While snow, winter, and Christmas probably are the farthest things from many people’s minds heading into Thanksgiving, planning already is underway for the 53rd-annual Christmas “Parade of Lights” here.
Slated for Nov. 27, the theme this year is “The Lights and Sounds of Christmas,” said Robin Payeur of Causeway Insurance, the local business which took over organizing the annual event from the BIA last year and which will be taking it on again.
“Last year we had an amazing turnout,” noted Payeur. “We were really fortunate that we had the fantastic weather that we did.
“Every year we’re hoping it will get bigger and better because, I’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, it just amazes me how well everyone in the Rainy River District turns out for something like this,” she added.
And with their selected theme, organizers are hoping to hear even more music and noise for the parade, Payeur noted.
Like last year’s parade, floats will congregate at the old CN station. Judging will be at 4 p.m., then the parade will make its way through the downtown core starting at 5 p.m.
B93 once again will lead the way collecting non-perishable items for the food bank.
Judging categories are the same as last year’s, including best organization, best school or church group, best non-profit, best business, best recreational group, and best decorated individual.
“We’d really like to see the schools come out, we really would, because that’s where all the fun is—the kids are the fun part,” Payeur said about the floats.
As the parade date draws closer, more information will be finalized, including the prize money for winners.
“We really appreciate the volunteers, we had a lot of people show up last year,” noted Payeur.
These volunteers are needed for anything from handing out candy to helping out with possible hot chocolate stations organizers are considering setting up for the parade in front of Causeway Insurance and the Chamber of Commerce office.
“We really appreciate the high school kids—they came out and they’re a wonderful bunch of kids,” Payeur said, noting that volunteering with the Santa Claus parade counts as community service hours students need to graduate.
“We really enjoyed [the parade], we had a lot of fun with it last year,” Payeur enthused, also sending accolades to Causeway’s Brenda Kellar for the hard work she did last year and is doing again this year for the parade.
Those wanting to volunteer or register a float can contact Kellar at Causeway Insurance by calling 274-6688 or faxing 274-0558.