Pither’s Point closed to swimmers

The Northwestern Health Unit has declared Pither’s Point beach here “unsafe for swimming” due to the high bacteria counts.
The health unit announced the closure yesterday afternoon after routine sampling showed unsafe levels of E. coli.
This is a precautionary measure in order to protect the health, wellbeing, and safety of the public, the health unit noted.
The beach will remain closed until three-consecutive water results are favourable. The health unit will continue to sample every day, public health inspector Brian Norris said yesterday afternoon.
The earliest the beach could be open is Sunday, he noted.
As to what factors may have caused the high levels of bacteria, Norris said he couldn’t’ hazard a guess.
“Last year when this happened, the water was high. This year, it’s so low you could probably walk across the border [in the lake],” he remarked.
This marks the first time this summer Pither’s Point beach has had to be closed due to high E. coli levels.
It was closed twice last August due to the bacteria levels in the water. Both times, the restriction lasted less than a week.
E. coli—the strain of bacterium public health inspectors test for here—can cause skin, ear, nose, and mouth infections.
If ingested, it can cause severe ’flu-like symptoms.