Picture This campaign kicks off

Press release

Riverside Foundation for Health Care, with the support of Riverside Health Care Facilities, recently passed a motion to launch a capital campaign to raise funds for new Diagnostic Imaging equipment. With a goal to replace the current CT scanner and the current mammography machine, purchase an elevating table for the fluoro X-Ray room, and upgrade the X-Ray rooms from analogue to digital, the Foundation will be looking for a great deal of community support.

“This is great news for the citizens of the Rainy River district,” said Delaine McLeod, Chair of the Riverside Foundation Board. “It has been almost 10 years since the Foundation has run a campaign of this size. This community is strong and I believe that we can pull it off in spite of the pandemic,” she added.

“I know how important it is to keep access to this technology in our district” said Allison Cox, Foundation Director. “Through proceeds raised from our 50/50 raffles, we’ve already been able to replace two ultrasound machines at LVGH and we are excited to bring even more new DI equipment to the district through this campaign.” She noted that moving forward all proceeds from the monthly 50/50 raffles will be directed towards the campaign.

“We have put together a great group of volunteers to form the “Picture This” cabinet committee with Meghan Cox and Linda Hamilton sharing the Chair position” said Cox.

Riverside’s Executive VP Clinical Services and CNE Julie Loveday, also feels strongly about the need for this technology. “Riverside is pleased the Foundation has chosen this project to fundraise for. It ultimately provides upgrades to critical equipment required to meet the needs of the district. The upgrades will enhance imaging thus improving diagnoses and treatment with less radiation exposure to both patients and our staff” she said.

“The “Picture This” campaign will help to bring together our entire community. COVID-19 has taken away so much in the past year, and this campaign will work to not only bring state of the art technology and equipment to our district, but will give our citizens a common goal to work towards, helping to lift community spirits” said Meghan Cox.

“Linda and I are excited to lead this campaign. Every resident of our district should be afforded an exceptional level of care, which begins with having high quality equipment at our facilities” she adds.

The “Picture This” committee is currently working in the background to get this campaign launched. More information will be provided as the Campaign moves forward. The fundraising goal to purchase the Diagnostic Imaging equipment is $1,500,000.

If you would like more information about “Picture This”, please contact the Foundation Office at 274-4803.