Phone woes for Riverside

Press Release

The phone message system at La Verendrye Hospital, the Emo Health Centre, and the Rainy River Health Centre, as well as at Rainycrest Long-Term Care and both the clinics in Emo and Rainy River, continues to experience problems.
At this point, if you call 274-3266 or 274-3261, your call will be answered by the La Verendrye switchboard staff, who will direct your call accordingly.
In the event the person you are calling is on the phone or away from their desk, you will be transferred to a temporary voice message system.
Please follow the prompts and listen to all selections.
If the extension you are trying to reach does not have voice mail, you will be directed back to the switchboard.
If you are trying to call the Rainy River or Emo clinics, you will reach the La Verendrye switchboard and they will direct you to the clinic’s main phone line.
If no one at the clinic is available to answer your call, it will transfer to a voice message system.
This disruption will continue until further notice.
If you have any questions, call director of engineering Ed Cousineau at 274-4820.